A Golden Opportunity

Crowd free. Close access. Exotic subjects. Perfect light… a photographer’s dream.

Golden Hour Photography Visits

Interested in improving your photography skills? Want to build your professional portfolio? Want access to native and exotic animals without the normal crowds?

Our “Golden Hour Photography Visits” are for those photographers who seek intensive access to our exotic and native wildlife.  Access to the Zoological park is limited to photographers only during those golden hours of Sunrise and Sunset.  

Spend a fun, informative and exhilarating 90 minutes photographing our critters as they start or end their day. Hone your photography skills during the exquisite sunrise or sunset light.  Use this experience to better document travel experiences, build a portfolio, or simply capture great images.

Book Your Photo Visit

  • Tour includes access during morning or evening golden hour as well as all day zoo admission.
  • Single Photographer Access only $500 for a private session accompanied by a zookeeper!
  • Groups of five to ten $100 each
  • Contact us for educational group pricing.

Tours must be scheduled 48 hours in advance.

Please call Hodge Cherry to discuss or schedule your session at (850) 682-3949