We Can't Go Home...

so we stay to teach

Invite us to your school or educational event to share our stories and teach compassionate, humane ways we can coexist in perfect harmony.

Loxy – Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes)
Riley | Striped Skunk
Merlin | Umbrella Cockatoo
Landlord | Gopher Tortoise
Shelly – African Spurred Tortoise
Reba | Rose Hair Tarantula
Sundance | Corn Snake
Butch | Corn Snake
Aries – Red Shouldered Hawk
Simon & Garfunkel | Leopard Geckos

Why They Are Here

The goal of ECWR is to release rehabilitated sick, injured, and/or orphaned animals back into their natural habitats. Unfortunately, due to circumstances such as severe physical injury or behavioral issues, some animals are deemed non-releasable. A non-releasable animal is unable to thrive in the wild and must be kept in captivity. The non-releasable animals shown below have been permitted by state and federal agencies to reside at the Refuge and are “Animal Ambassadors” used for educational purposes and demonstrations.

Sponsor An Animal Ambassador!

All packages are only $100 and your Animal Ambassador Adoption package will include:

  • a letter with the animal’s story,
  • a beautiful photograph and
  • a certificate of symbolic adoption on your ambassador

Call us today for more information on adopting an Ambassador Animal (850)684-1485 or make a donation on Paypal and notate which animal you would like to “adopt”

Other Ways You Can Help